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About the Shelby County Aviation Association 

Founded in 2005, The Shelby County Aviation Association was created to promote what our members believe is one of the most important infrastructure components in Shelby County, Alabama - The Shelby County Airport. The SCAA believes this mile of runway and supporting facilities provide an essential ingredient in the successful economic development of Shelby County while making an important contribution to the quality of life of Shelby County residents.

The Shelby County Aviation Association works to achieve its mission by promoting the safe use of the airport and nearby airspace, educating the community regarding the benefits of General Aviation, ensuring effective communication with the governmental entities responsible for administration of the facility, and providing networking opportunities for organization members.

Growing rapidly since its inception, the SCAA includes in its membership a diverse group of individuals representing aircraft owners, pilots, business owners, and others interested in the development and safe operation of this facility.  Those sharing our enthusiasm for supporting General Aviation in Shelby County are encouraged to apply for membership and become an active part of this group.

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